Benefits of a Hot-Cold Veneer Press

Benefits of a Hot-Cold Veneer Press

A hot-cold veneer flattening press from Veneer Services® outperforms a standard hot press in several ways. A hot-cold veneer press is able to provide flatter veneers for easier gluing and splicing, thereby increasing production and yield. It can also be an economical alternative to additional press drying capacity.

The press has a continuous belt through the hot and cool sections and separate infeed and outfeed belts. The operator is never within reach of the press platens because they load and unload the belt, not the platens. This makes our press much safer than a standard hot press.

The belt is automatically tensioned and tracked.

The temperature, pressure, and time to press are controlled by PLC with an easily programmed human interface. The PLC monitors all vital functions and protects the press from faults. If a fault does occur, they are recorded, and the operator is notified on screen to correct the fault. This aids in troubleshooting if there are maintenance needs.

The cooling section brings the temperature of the veneers back down to stabilize them and stop the drying process. With a standard hot press, the veneers leave the press at elevated temperatures and therefore continue to lose moisture until they cool. This happens at an uneven rate because the outsides of the bundles cool faster. But with a cooling section, this problem is entirely solved—bundles can even go directly to the guillotines.

Our press may be a good alternative for manufacturers considering a press dryer: The cost of the press is less than a dryer, and our press installs in one week. Plus, it takes up less space. Also worth considering is that the higher moisture levels in veneers from our machine can increase the output of your current dryers. Over drying is a big factor in veneer buckle, and the removal of the last several points of moisture is easier to regulate in the press than in a dryer.

The press is shipped to accept your plant heating method of steam, hot oil, or hot water. An optional electric flow heater is used to heat the press when the boiler is down or for full-time operation if plant heating is not available.


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