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Beware of Copycats – Butt Flare Reducer

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. …

In the March 2021 edition of Timber Processing, Mellott Manufacturing Co. published a machine brief in which they mentioned the “innovative design” of their new Model 70E Log Flare Butt Reducer. What they didn’t mention is the name of the company that produced the innovations: Veneer Services®! The similarities in Mellott’s design to ours are uncanny. Even the specs published on the company’s webpage are similar to those of our machine.

  Spec  Mellott Mfg.  Veneer Services®  
Max. Flare60 in.60 in.
Max. Log Diameter48in.50in.
Min. Log Diameter12in.8in.
Max. Log Length17ft.17ft.
Min. Log Length8ft.7ft.
Motor HP10075

Don’t be fooled by the similarities! Our reducer requires 25 less horsepower than Mellott’s machine, and years of in-field testing around the world have proven our machine a robust, reliable piece of equipment. Mellott cannot claim this, as they haven’t manufactured this flare reducer (we assume, as they have no photos). You can also be sure the knock-off won’t perform as well as the original. Mellott is known neither for innovation nor top-tier quality.

We’re confident in our design, and we stand by our system. Learn more about our butt reducer here:

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