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Butt Flare Reducer: Best ROI on a Sawmill Machine

The decision to add a new machine to your sawmill ultimately comes down to whether it’s worth the investment. Of all the machines you can add, a butt flare reducer may well provide the highest return. Though slow to catch on in North America, European mills have been using these machines for decades for a good reason machine: PAYBACK.

We have taken the flare reducer concept to a higher level and made it even more worth your investment. We’ve made it fully automatic. No operator is required.

So what’s the payback of a butt flare reducer? Consider how removing a log’s butt flare improves the wood flow through these machines:

Ring Debarkers

  • Allows larger logs to pass through the ring by removing the flare
  • Reduces stress and wear on the tool arms
  • Flares hold dirt in the flutes, which the tips cannot reach
  • Flares cause extra stress and wear on the feed chains and infeed drum


  • Reduced logs are easier to debark and take less time
  • The flares cause the logs to “bounce” in the bull wheels, increasing wear

Saw Carriages

  • Reduced logs transport better on the log decks
  • No wasted passes to saw away flares
  • Uniform, round logs turn easier with less stress
  • Uniform, round logs provide better scanning solutions
  • Sawyers and scanners make faster decisions with uniform logs

Veneer Lathes, Slicers, Half Rounds

  • No wasted time to peel away flares
  • Flares hold bark and dirt that the debarker can’t reach
  • Improved reeling, catching, and stacking

Veneer Dryers

  • Better screen utilization
  • Easier vacuum feeding
  • Improved catching and stacking

Chippers and Waste Systems

  • Flares are a primary cause of plugged chipper infeeds
  • Reducing flares will eliminate the downtime and the dangerous process of unplugging the chipper
  • Slabs fall better and transport easier

At just pennies per log to operate, our butt flare reducer will make your mill more profitable. Contact us to learn more! Or click the button below to access a form through you you can request an email with additional information.

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