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Veneer Services® has a bright future. And it’s a great place to work.

Industries we serve include ethanol, veneer production, forest products, biomass energy, recycling, hemp processing, waste processing, and more.

Veneer Services® manufactures specialized machines for the forest products industry. We are known for bringing technological advances to the industry such as the first voice-activated grading system that reads bar codes on the fly and places the veneer in the proper place according to grades. We also partner with other select manufacturers worldwide to supply complete mill solutions.

Biomass Engineering & Equipment, a division of Veneer Services®, supplies engineering and machinery to the briquette, and wood-biomass-burning industries. These industries are an area of tremendous growth in United States and Europe as nations recognize the benefits of  burning waste wood and other biomass for energy.

We are able to reach so many sectors because we pride ourselves in making machines you “simply won’t find anywhere else”—machines with more features, better quality, and damn-fine engineering that serve the needs of companies around the globe.

Besides excellent equipment, we at Veneer Services value family-life balance and flexibility in terms of work location and hours. We also offer paid time off and health benefits. And you won’t get bored here. As one of our employees, you will engage in projects ranging from biomass handling equipment to forest-product machinery to automated veneer grading assemblies.

We are not hiring for any positions at this time. Please check again soon.