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Comparing Debarker Machines

Choosing the right debarker machine is essential to creating an efficient and profitable sawmill operation. In order to assist you in selecting the right log debarker for your application, we’ve put together the following chart depicting the features, advantages, and disadvantages of rosserhead debarkers, ring debarkers, drum debarkers, roller debarkers (i.e. rotary debarkers), flail debarkers, and butt reducers.

Keep in mind that the chart describes what’s true these debarkers in general. Features and capabilities of individual wood debarkers vary per manufacturer and model. Always compare models when purchasing a new or used sawmill machine. Also keep in mind that a butt reducers are not technically debarkers. They have enough similarities, however, and because they’re designed to work alongside debarkers that we included them on the list.

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Log Debarker Machine Comparison Chart: Rosser head debarkers, drum debarkers, roller debarkers, rotary debarkers, flail debarkers, butt reducers, ring debarkers


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