Equipment for Wood Veneer, Plywood, and Lumber Production

Veneer Services® produces equipment for the veneer, plywood, and other wood-product producers. Our decades of industry experience has allowed us to make machines with customers’ needs in mind.

We offer a full range of equipment for the beginning to the end of veneer production process, including equipment for the conveyance and storage or scraps.

Log decks and troughs for veneer mills and sawmills from Veneer Services® - lumber mill machinery
Log sorting line for sawmills and veneer mills from Veneer Services® - wood veneer equipment - log prep - wood yard equipment
log butt flare reducer for sawmills from veneer services® - industrial automation engineering
Rosser head debarker from Veneer Services® - debarker machine for lumber mills
Used veneer lathe from Veneer Services. log peeling machine. veneer peeling.
used half round slicer from Veneer Services. veneer peeling. log peeling machine.
Remanufactured vertical slicer from Veneer Services. veneer slicer. veneer peeling. log peeling machine.
Veneer conveyors from Veneer Services. Veneer technology for wood veneer manufacturers.


Veneer grading line with storage bins from Veneer Services. Veneer technologies. Veneer tech.