Sawmill automation - one-button butt flare reducer - flare reduction

We’ve seen a huge advantage with the butt reducer because the logs can be handled and sawn so much quicker.”Christian Weygoldt, Owner, Atlantic Veneer Corporation

Butt Flare Reducer

Root flares are waste. They’re difficult to handle and hold the most dirt out of any part of the log. Remove them before processing to improve your line’s operation and performance.


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable construction to withstand years of heavy use
  • Very low maintenance costs—mostly just replacement cutters
  • High speed—1-2 hardwood logs per minute; 4-6 softwood logs per minute


  • Improved debarking quality and speed
  • Improved scanning accuracy
  • Improved sawing, slicing, and peeling
  • Increased vat capacity
  • Less wear on downstream machinery
  • Better transport on log decks and troughs
  • No flares going to chipper
  • No flares going to ring debarker
  • Reduced logs allow for easier scanning, sawing, slicing, and peeling
  • Saves chipper infeeds from being plugged by flares

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