Butt Flare Reducer Image Gallery

Butt flare reducer for industrial automation in sawmills and lumber mills - quality sawmill equipment

Veneer Services butt flare reducer with installed trim saw and hourglass conveyor
Butt flare reducer (left) alongside trim saw. Note: this is an old style of our reducer.

Log on butt flare reducer fed by knuckle boom.

Butt Flare reducer (left) with deck infeed (from left in photo) side-by-side with rosserhead debarker (right).

Rendering of butt flare reducer with infeed deck.

Rendering of a butt flare reducer alongside log trough.

Butt Flare Reducer with log on reducer. Note: this is the image of the rendering of the reducer alongside the log deck. The reducer can eject logs to the left or right.

Log before reducing
Log before flare reduction.

Log after reducing
Log after flare reduction.

Nice white oak log reduced
Reduced log end.

One button operation - Veneer Services butt flare reducer
Single-button control.

Katia butt reducer and rosserhead debarker
Butt flare reducer and rosserhead debarker.

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