Flitch Conveyors

The professionals at Veneer Services® are experts in building the proper conveyors to transport sawmill and veneer mill flitches. We have built units from milling all the way to the slicers. Our conveyors can be simple, manually controlled units or completely automated systems that reduce labor and increase efficiency. We know the way these units will be used, and we build them strong for years of trouble-free service. Every mill requires a different layout, so we fully model the system in our 3D design software to ensure everything fits before it’s built.

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flitch conveyor for woodworking environments and furniture makers

Industrial sawmill equipment - process automation for sawmills and woodwork manufacturing


Industrial woodworking machinery for plywood flooring manufacturers, lumber mills, cooperages, edge banding mills, marine plywood, and hardwood plywood

Flitch conveyor for wood veneer manufacturers and plywood manufacturers

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