“Our splice lines have really improved with the guillotine and splicer from you. Our customers noticed the difference in our faces immediately.” — Jason Kreutzer, Dimension Plywood

OMPEC Double Knife Veneer Guillotine

O.M.P.E.C. is known for innovation, productivity, and durability. O.M.P.E.C. invented the double-knife guillotine for veneer in 1978, and hundreds of their old machines are still running.

Now under the ownership of Veneer Services®, that tradition is enhanced with important updates to controls, hydraulics, structures, and safety systems. These wood cutting machines are now easier to operate, easier to maintain, and even more productive.


  • Widest cut in the industry—up to 700mm (27.5”) for engineered veneers
  • Knife service feature
  • Cooled hydraulics
  • Adjustable beam pressure
  • Servo motor positioning of the table for high accuracy
  • High-efficiency hydraulic unit with valves, filters, and cooling
  • Laser lights to indicate each cut line


  • Remote troubleshooting and software updates
  • Safety block for upper knife
  • Knife lifting device for easy and safer knife changes


  • Cut to set size or cut to maximum yield operational settings
  • 400 stored cut sizes


  • Large, touch-screen human interface for settings and troubleshooting
  • Independent setting of the knife height at each end
  • Safety light screens for operator protection
  • Multi-language capability


  • Off-the-shelf Mitsubishi PLC Servo motors (not proprietary)
  • Pressure beam and knife beams made from stress-relieved cast iron
  • Main frame made from stress-relieved, welded structural steel plates
  • Dual ball screw drive with servo-rated gearboxes and couplings
  • Dual linear bearings under the moving table
  • Dual center support ways

Optional Features

  • Auto lube
  • Back conveyor


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