Plywood Press

Architectural plywood presses from Veneer Services® are built with the precision needed to apply valuable face veneer onto various cores. Plywood presses have to be strong and stable to make accurate panels. Every frame, platen, and cylinder is designed with high safety factors and long life. We analyze them for stress with advanced software, and we offer the industry’s longest warranty.


  • Single operating presses, hand-fed or feed-through
  • Bottom stroke or top stroke
  • Platen sizes to 5’ x 12’
  • Openings up to 15”
  • End or side loaded
  • Pressures up to 150psi at the platens
  • Temperatures up to 120° C
  • Steam or oil heated
  • Various platen coatings available


VS Single Opening Plywood Press - veneer face press

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