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“We are very happy. The rebuilt machine is much sleeker and works great. If I had to make the decision over, I would use Veneer Services to rebuild our half round machine. Dane was good to work with and worked hard to please.” — George Bowlin, Norstam Veneers

Half Round Veneer Slicer

We build Veneer Services® half round slicers using a complete set of used castings, which we inspect, test, and clean to ensure they’re free of defects that would hinder the machine’s proper operation. From these castings, we build the machine with new parts. We completely assemble and test the machine, making sure all wear surfaces are flat, true, and in correct plane to guarantee it is ready to operate.

We do this because remanufacturing is the lowest-cost way for our customers to obtain new machines. We include all drawings required for foundations and assembly of the machine, and our machines come will a full warranty.

We can install the machine and have it running in a fraction of the time necessary to install other machines. Our machine comes prewired as much as possible, and the foundation for our half round is minimal, which also reduces the cost of install. Installation typically takes two to three days.

For a list of current half round slicers available for remanufacturing, visit our used machine catalog.

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