“We are very happy. The rebuilt machine is much sleeker and works great. If I had to make the decision over, I would use Veneer Services to rebuild our half round machine. Dane was good to work with and worked hard to please.” — George Bowlin, Norstam Veneers

Half Round Veneer Slicer

We build Veneer Services® half round slicers for hardwood veneer using a complete set of used castings, which we inspect, test, and clean to ensure they’re free of defects that would hinder the machine’s proper operation. From these castings, we build the machine with new parts. We completely assemble and test the machine, making sure all wear surfaces are flat, true, and in the correct plane to guarantee it is ready to operate.

We do this because rebuilding is the lowest-cost way for our customers to obtain new machines. We include all drawings required for foundations and assembly of the machine, and our machines come will a full warranty.

We can install the machine and have it running in a fraction of the time necessary to install other machines. Our machine comes prewired as much as possible, and the foundation for our half round is minimal, which also reduces the cost of installation. Installation typically takes two to three days.


  • Drive uses a timing belt that is designed to fail if there is a malfunction
  • Roundup feature speeds removal of first defective sheets
  • Service knife feature makes servicing the knife fast, simple, and accurate
  • AC main drive motor
  • Break away carriage mount, which minimizes the risk of damage to the machine in a crash
  • Touch-screen input for thickness setting, gap setting and adjustment, and final carriage position setting
  • Touch screen gives feedback of positions, number of sheets, speed, and error conditions
  • Unlimited number of preset thicknesses, which can be changed while cutting
  • Off-the-shelf components, motors, drives and software so service can be easily accomplished anywhere in the world
  • Dynamic brake system uses the motor to slow and stop the machine, saving the manual brakes
  • Redundant encoders ensure carriage motors run in parallel


We’ve designed our half round for fast flitch changes. Programming automatically slows down the rotation near the last sheets of veneer and stops the flitch in the up position for faster changes without having to jog the rotation. The carriage automatically backs away to make room to place the next flitch.


  • New pinion gears
  • New pressure bar adjusting bolts
  • New main bearing liners and thrust bearings in end frames
  • New roller bearings for the pinion shaft (replaces the babbitt bearings)
  • New carriage slide wear plates
  • New disc brake system
  • New pneumatic system including valves, lines, and switches
  • New hydraulic supply system including pump, motor, lines, and valves
  • Rebuilt staylog bar assembly*
  • New ball screw carriage drive assembly with ball screws, break away bearing mounts, servo motors, and auxiliary encoders for carriage movement and thickness control
  • New AC main drive motor and variable speed drive system for staylog rotation
  • New electrical controls, sensors, wiring, operator’s station, emergency stops, and cabinets
  • New air conditioning and dynamic braking resistor for main motor
  • New water heating system, piping, and controls; includes new tubes inside machine castings
  • New knife adjusting bolts


Our machine comes with complete horizontal gap control:

  • Two servo motors and mounts
  • Two gearboxes and screws connected to the bar casting assembly
  • Ball screws
  • New slide ways with adjustment for proper down pressure
  • All necessary cables, wires, and sensors
  • Programming to integrate with operator’s controls


Our machine offers many levels of safety and precautionary programming. Such items include not being able to start the machine without certain conditions being met, limiting the amount the caps that can be skewed from parallel, never allowing the pressure bar to extend over the knife, stopping the machine instantly if there is a loss of hydraulic or air pressure, and more.


Servicing the half round’s knife is fast, simple, and accurate with our machine. The servo for gap control allows the operator to simply push the “service knife” button when he needs to whet the knife. The system memorizes the location of the pressure bar and retracts it to allow room to accomplish this maintenance. When completed, the operator pushes the “return to cut” button, and the bar moves back to the memorized position. This option removes the need for a problematic tilt cap.


Additional roundup programming is included to step back the horizontal gap and increase feed thickness to facilitate fast removal of excess wood up the first usable sheet of veneer.


Half Round Slicers from Veneer Services come with a new outfeed conveyor with belts and a variable-speed direct drive. The entire conveyor stands alone and includes casters and rails for movement when attached to the machine. These rails are elevated above the floor so there are no pinch points to endanger the catchers. Other features of the outfeed conveyor include:

  • Pull rope E-stop
  • New control cabinet with conveyor controls, E-stops, and carriage control
  • Stainless or stain-free surfaces where veneer touches the conveyor
  • Drive pulleys of split aluminum with crowns for accurate tracking
  • Nose rollers that attach to the conveyor, not the machine—this reduces maintenance and allows the rollers to run cooler and cleaner
  • second set of casters that allow the entire unit to be rolled away from the machine for maintenance



Rather than rebuild the staylog bar assembly, we can install an upgraded premier staylog on the machine.


Hydraulic knife clamps speed knife changing. The package includes an upgrade the hydraulics system: machining the knife casting to insert the cylinders and clamps, steel clamps, cylinders, controls valves, and safety system to stop the machine if hydraulic pressure is lost.

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