Vertical Veneer Slicer

Remanufactured vertical slicers from Veneer Services® provide better-than-new performance at a considerable savings. We purchase castings and large steel parts from used machines and build a top-performing product with all new controls and features.


  • Servomotor and drive to control the carriage position, complete with line reactors and circuit breaker
  • Servomotors and drives to control the cap position
  • Two sets of ball screws to position the carriage
  • Extension dog position sensors
  • Carriage position sensors with cables
  • Knife clamp pressure sensors and cables
  • Air and hydraulic pressure sensors and cables
  • Knife lead control including cylinders, mounts, and motion controller
  • 8” color touch-screen operator interface for setting of carriage control and knife lead parameters, as well as providing diagnostic and alarm information
  • Operator’s station enclosure with new buttons, switches, and provision for the touch-screen operator interface, including stand and mounting brackets
  • All inputs and outputs required for integrating existing operator controls into the new control system
  • One catcher’s panel with carriage run/pause and safety E-stop
  • Pull-rope E-stop mounted at outfeed conveyor
  • Pull-rope E-stop mounted on the carriage within reach of anyone servicing the knife
  • Main electrical and control panel including enclosure, main disconnect, servo controls, input and conditioner, and panel-mounted programming outlet
  • All wire and cables from the main cabinet to each operator station, sensors, limits, motors, and valves


  • 100hp AC vector duty main motor
  • 100hp variable-speed drive
  • Motor base, sheave bushing, and all other mechanical components to complete the installation


A Remanufactured Vertical Slicer from Veneer Services includes a free-standing assembly.

When in operation, the unit is attached to the slicer knife bed casting and moves with the carriage. For maintenance, its legs are folded down, and the unit can be rolled back away from the carriage.

The outfeed conveyor includes the following:

  • Variable-speed drive for belt-speed control
  • Operator’s panel with E-stop, start/stop of belts, and start/stop of carriage feed
  • SEW Eurodrive gear box and motor, shaft mounted
  • Complete outfeed conveyor with stainless trays and fasteners, belts, split aluminum pulleys, and nose rollers of solid composite material not requiring internal bearings
  • Clear polycarbonate panels between the stainless belt trays (customer can install lights below)


  • One hydraulic power unit with 460v main power and 24v controls
  • Electric valves to activate two sets of duplex dogs, one set of extension dogs, and knife lead
  • The primary duplex clamping circuits will be equipped with an adjustable pressure relief that the operator can easily change
  • Pressure sensors monitor the individual circuits to warn the operator of problems and stop the machine if it senses unsafe conditions
  • Integration into slicer controls package and touch screen


  • One 16kW heating unit with 460v main power and 24v controls
  • Main hoses connect the new heating unit to the upper and lower heating tubes
  • pressure sensor monitors the incoming water pressure and stops the unit if the pressure drops too low

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