Rosserhead debarker from Veneer Services rosser head debarker


“This machine increased our yields. … There is no question that this machine helped us be a more profitable mill.” — David Mathers, Thiesing Veneer

Rosserhead Debarker

The rosserhead debarker from Veneer Services® is the most accurate and efficient debarker ever built. It produces smooth log surfaces for accurate scanning and processes even difficult species, such as hickory and basswood. This highly automated machine lets the operator select which function he wants the machine to complete with a push of a button, and the machine does the rest.


  • Increased yield—no fiber loss
  • Cleaner logs—less bark, less dirt
  • Produces smooth log surface for accurate scanning
  • Easier hand planing for veneer mills
  • Faster cycle times than a debarker on bull wheels
  • No ringing or rouging
  • High-speed performance
  • Mills off protruding knots
  • Steady results on any wood species, even hickory and basswood
  • Long life, low maintenance

Increase Production

The Rosserhead debarker can be combined with our butt flare reducer for increased performance and efficiency.


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