Veneer Bundle Conveyors

Veneer Services® builds custom veneer bundle conveyors to fit your mill and your needs. They can be simple, manually controlled units or completely automated systems that reduce labor and increase efficiency. We know the way these units will be used and custom build them strong for years of trouble-free service. Every mill requires a different layout, and we model the system in our 3D design software to be sure everything fits before it’s built.



  • A fast, efficient way to transport veneer from slicers to dryer and dryers to clipping
  • Can be configured to operate manually or with sophisticated automation
  • Automatically centers every flitch in the dryer to improve screen tracking and life
  • Advanced systems such as RFID tagging, barcode scanning, and voice activation can be easily integrated
  • Designed using 3D modeling software, allowing for extensive customization for specific needs

Veneer Bundle Conveyor 8

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