Veneer grading line with storage bins from Veneer Services. Automated veneer technologies and industrial automation.


“We have been able to gain a new customer base because we can easily grade wood to specs with no error for our clients.” — Ben Kramer, Michigan Veneer

Automated Veneer Technology: Veneer Grading Line

Manual and belt-conveyor lines are slow and labor intensive. Existing lengthwise automatic lines are only slightly faster than manual, and they damage veneer. Our systems double or triple the capacity of even the fastest existing lines while gently handling the veneer bundles, and our system exclusively includes storage at each bay in the line.

The grading table of our line runs at a continuous speed of 20 feet per minute. Assuming an average bundle width of 12 inches, an average length of 10 feet, 24 sheets per bundle, and a utilization rate of 70 percent, the capacity of our line is about 150,000 square meters (1,613,000 square feet) per shift. Actual production will be determined by a combination of these factors.

All components are constructed with structural steel members that are welded and bolted together.

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