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Increase Yield and Decrease Cost With Our Rosserhead Debarker

The fact that so many mills have invested in scanning and optimizing is proof that yield improvement has great payback. But scanning and optimizing can’t give you back what was removed at the debarker.

We see many rosserhead debarkers cut deep rings in the log, sometimes up to 1” deep. If your debarker cuts a 1” deep ring in a log with a 10” diameter, you now have a log with an 8” diameter, correct? But suppose your debarker cuts rings only ¼” deep. The log only drops then from a 10” diameter to a 9.5” diameter.

We guarantee to remove more bark while leaving more usable fiber than your current machine. If you are running any other rosserhead debarker, replacing it with a Veneer Services machine will improve your yields and give you cleaner logs.

We have built the lowest total cost, most accurate, and most reliable debarker in the industry. And we can prove it.

The clip below is from an installation in Europe we completed in January 2007. More than ten years later, the machine is still running after processing thousands of large veneer logs with a high percentage of hickory.

The length of this machine’s life isn’t the only testimony. The forest product industry in Europe has long put resources into efficiency and accurate machinery due to higher costs for raw material. For our company to compete in the European market, we’ve had to produce machines that can compete at European expectations—and our debarker has done, and keeps doing, just that.

Debarker Performance

So what makes our debarker perform so well?

  • We use high-speed cutters to cut the bark so that we can remove even the most difficult barks, such as hickory. This also results in a very smooth log surface.
  • We allow the head to pivot to follow the log shape, yet we block the pivoting action at both ends to prevent penciling.
  • We place the head and bull wheels on rubber mounts, which absorb vibration and shocks. This means the head stays in contact with the log at all times.
  • The arm holding the debarking head is controlled by sensitive hydraulics with adjustable down force. The operator can instantly adjust the down pressure as required for various species and bark conditions.
  • The bull wheels’ speed and the carriage’s speed can be instantly adjusted by the operator while he is processing the log without ever removing his hands from the joysticks.
  • Our head and cutter designs allow our machine to remove knots as well as bark. Anything protruding above the circle of the log will be removed. The resulting smooth log with no knots improves the decisions of the sawyer and of scanning systems.

Debarker Cost

And why can we claim it has the lowest total cost?

  • High-quality components are used throughout the machine for maximum reliability.
  • Our engineering analysis and use of 3D design software ensure that every part has the proper fit and that they are of the proper strength for long life.
  • With our bull wheels mounted in roller bearings and then set on rubber mounts, the drive forces required to turn them are reduced, the bearing life is many years, and the fatigue stress in the shafts and frame are minimized.
  • The electrical panel is mounted within the climate-controlled operators cab to keep it clean and cool.
  • Our smart controls are designed to protect the machine from damaging actions while making it easy to operate.

Features such as auto carriage return improve productivity and reduce the number of functions the operator must monitor. Simple features such as auto slow down as the carriage reaches end of travel reduce the stresses on the drive system. The soft start and soft direction changes of the bull wheels and carriage greatly reduce stress and extend the machine’s life.

Get a machine that will make your mill more profitable: a Rosserhead Debarker from Veneer Services®. Why settle for something that won’t perform as well and will require more maintenance? Don’t just replace your current debarker. Get something better. Contact Veneer Services® today for a quote.

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