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Is a Ring Debarker Right for My Sawmill?

It’s understandable why ring debarkers have become so popular. They offer high-speed debarking and are fairly automated. Compared to most rosser-style debarkers, they’re also more efficient, faster, produce better quality surfaces, and remove less fiber. All in all, they’re good systems for processing hardwood and softwood logs.

Ring debarkers can also be expensive, however, and it’s unfair to classify all rosserheads as outmoded technology. Depending on how the manufacturer designs their rosserhead debarker, these style debarkers can be quite efficient. Our rosserhead debarker, for instance, is equipped with technology that enables it to process logs with minimal fiber loss at relatively high speeds.

Compared to the run-of-the-mill rosserhead, our rosserhead debarker:

  • Removes virtually no usable fiber
  • Won’t gouge the log surface
  • Can remove bark from difficult-to-debark species
  • Can debark frozen wood
  • Is built with shock absorbers in the head and bull wheels to reduce stress on the frame
  • Produces smooth surfaces for accurate scanning (with a planer head, surfaces are superior even to ring debarkers)

While no rosserhead will compete with the volume a ring debarker can handle, many of the advantages ring debarkers boast over run-of-the-mill rosserheads don’t apply when compared to top-end rosserheads like our system.

If you require precise, high-quality debarking but don’t require the volume of a ring debarker, a rosserhead debarker from Veneer Services® may be the solution you’re looking for.

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