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Making Log Troughs Easier to Maintain and Assemble

Last week we looked at the standard designs for log decks. When researching them, we also looked at log troughs and likewise weren’t satisfied with the designs we found. So, we spent extra time on the front end designing a product that really works and meets the real-life demands of sawmills and other lumber-processing plants. The result was a more accurate and reliable design that was easier to assemble and easier to maintain than trough designs already on the market.

Here are some of our improvements:

Last-Cut Parts

We decided to use this manufacturing method for maximum accuracy and consistency. Whenever possible, we design in alignment and locking tabs to minimize variation in the weldments.

Notice the tabs.

Laser cut splice plate and side walls align with tabs

tabbed corners for perfect alignment in weldments

In this assembly, we designed the chain guides to lock into the floor plates. During assembly, technicians dropped the guides into the slots, drove them home with a hammer, and tack-welded at one end. When it comes time for them to replace the guides, they’ll simply grind the small weld away, drive them back to release, install new guides, and drive them home again.

The clean result can be seen at right.

Lower tray chain guides showing locking tabs for perfect alignment at assembly
Lower chain return tray prior to UHMW liner


Laser cut AR plate ready to go to the assembly jig.

Laser cut AR plate ready for the welding jig


The section assembly jig.

Impact section of the trough on the assembly jig

Floors and Wear Parts are Bolt In Place

We considered little details like using through bolts rather than tapped holes when designing our log trough. Bolts in tapped holes rust in place, whereas bolts with nuts allow technicians to easily cut off the nut and replace the bolt.

Bolt in AR floor with replaceable chain guide

Shipped With Assembly in Mind

Installation will be a snap because the splice plates are laser cut and the assembly is jig welded.

5 log trough sections ready to ship

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