Veneer Glue


“Quality is consistent.” — Jim Johnson, Plant Manager, Timber Products Company

“Consistent performance. … No worries about glue.” — Joe Darter, Luray Architectural Veneer

Veneer Splicing Glues & Additives

Make Veneer Services your source for veneer glue and glue products. We offer urea-based Tembec (owned by LRBG Chemicals) splicing glue for splicers and glue applicators with or without gluepots for a superior end product.

Splicing Glues for Veneer

S-315 Splicing Glue

For splicers and glue applicators with gluepots

  • Preferred application method: spraying
  • Glue color: neutral

UF-313 Splicing Glue

For all other splicers and application methods

  • Preferred application method: spraying
  • Glue color: neutral

S-315 splicing glue dries faster but can run at higher speeds and dries at a lower temperature than UF-313. If a customer wants to hold their product overnight before splicing, we suggest UF-313 because it takes longer to dry than S-315. Retardant will, of course, extend the wet and hold times of both products.

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Whiteners and Darkeners

Our glues come in a neutral color. Whiteners and darkeners allow you to achieve exact shade and tone you require.

Whitener W-10

Darkener BR-10

Release Agent

While our glue leaves the factory well balanced and tested, you may still find it sticking to metal in certain conditions. We offer this release agent to better control it.

Release Agent RA-10

Cure Retardant

Cure retardant gives you more cure time so the glue lasts longer in gluepots.

Cure Retardant R-12


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