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Veneer Splicing Glues & Additives

Make Veneer Services® your source for veneer glue and glue products. We offer urea-based LRBG Chemicals splicing glue for splicers and glue applicators with or without glue pots for a superior end product.

Splicing Glues for Veneer

S-315 Splicing Glue

S-315 is an extremely versatile, internally catalyzed urea-formaldehyde powder adhesive system designed for tapeless splicing veneers on a wide variety of machines. Together with Retarder R-12, the adhesive can be tuned to bond to virtually any species on machines with press times ranging from sub-seconds to minutes. S-315 is one of the lightest color opaque splicer adhesives on the market, allowing on-site color matching to any veneer.

S-315 is formulated for applications where flexibility in cure speed is required and where splice-line color requirements may vary. S-315 is further characterized by a large operating window, allowing the application of the adhesive one day and bonding up to several days later (depending on the amount of R-12 used) and by a powerful internal release package that does not require any further additives.

  • Preferred application method: spraying
  • Glue color: neutral

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UF-313 Splicing Glue

For all application methods including glue pots

UF-313 is a melamine-fortified, internally catalyzed urea-formaldehyde powder adhesive designed for the tapeless splicing of veneers with straight-through and cross-feed conventional as well as high-speed splicing machines.

This glue is formulated for applications where durability, light color, and opacity, and moderate- to high-speed operation are required. UF-313 is characterized by a large operating window, allowing the application of the adhesive one day and bonding up to two days later.

Although UF-313 contains an internal lubrication package, release properties can be further enhanced where needed through the addition of up to 2% of RA-10 release agent. Glue line color can be fine-tuned through the addition of W-10 Whitener or BR-10 dye (brown).

  • Preferred application method: spraying
  • Glue color: neutral

S-315 splicing glue dries faster but can run at higher speeds and dries at a lower temperature than UF-313. If a customer wants to hold their product overnight before splicing, we suggest UF-313 because it takes longer to dry than S-315. Retardant will, of course, extend the wet and hold times of both products.

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Whiteners and Darkeners

Our glues come in a neutral color. Whiteners and darkeners allow you to achieve exact shade and tone you require.

Whitener W-10

W-10 is a pigment blend to lighten the color of LRGB’s powdered splicer glues Typically the initial amount of agent used with the splicer is 0.1% based on the weight of blended splicer glue. Use of more or less W-10 is not a problem and left to the discretion of the customer to match the wood veneer.

Darkener BR-10

BR-10 is a dark brown-black liquid dye specifically blended to darken the color of LRGB’s powdered splicer glues. Due to the potency of BR-10, the amount used with the splicer is based on the wood color to be matched and controlled by the customer.

It is suggested that the BR-10 be added drop-wise to the splicer glue blend. It is also suggested the customer make a small, known amount of liquid splicer glue and then keep track of the amount of BR-10 while using it to darken the glue. These amounts can then be scaled up for larger glues.

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Release Agent RA-10

While our glue leaves the factory well balanced and tested, you may still find it sticking to metal in certain conditions. We offer this release agent to better control it. RA-10 is specifically designed to be used with LRGB’s splicer glues When blended with splicer glue, it reduces adherence of the splicer-glued veneers to equipment and metal.

veneer splicing glue supplier

Cure Retardant R-12

R-12 cure retardant is a powder blend designed to slow the cure speed of S-315 and other splicer glues made by LRGB. R-12 is a potent cure speed retarding agent, and the amounts used with S-315 needs to be determined by the customer. The customer should start by using 0.1% R-12, based on dry splicer glue weight, and then make adjustments accordingly to meet their splicing needs.

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