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Rosserhead Debarker Design

You may have heard us claim that our rosserhead debarker is the most accurate and efficient ever built. But do you know why? It’s because we integrated the best technologies available into this machine, and we put thought into every aspect of its design to ensure it consistently performs well. Our goal when designing it wasn’t to make the cheapest machine but the best. That’s what we offer. That’s what it is.

Below are details regarding the debarker’s design and requirements for those interested. You’ll find information on the frame, overhead carriage, bull wheels, debarking heads, ejectors, hydraulics, electrical system, and controls.

Main Base Frame

Constructed of structural steel members welded into strong, boxed sections.

Overhead Carriage Frame

The frame is constructed of structural tube steel to form a continuous bridge section. It’s designed to carry the carriage system without flexing.

Overhead Carriage

This debarking system uses an overhead carriage system to allow pass-through debarking. This method results in very fast debarking since the carriage can return to home position to begin the next log while the debarked log is ejected. The overhead carriage is designed to carry the tool arms, debarking head and optional planing head when so equipped. The unit is driven the length of the carriage frame by use of a variable speed, reversing gear motor and chain drive. The carriage rides on roller bearings enclosed in heavy-duty steel tracks. With the tool arms in the up position, a log up to 30″ (1270mm) in diameter can pass below at any point.

Bull Wheels

6 pairs of rotating wheels mounted on 3-7/16″ (86mm) diameter shafts with expanding rings. Shafts are attached to main frame through severe-duty bearings and set in rubber mounts to isolate vibration.

Debarking Head Device

The cutter head is comprised of individual tool rings offset in a spiral configuration and attached to the shaft with expanding rings. The tool rings hold carbide cutters that are easily and individually replaced. The total working length of the cutter head is approximately 12″ (300mm). The cutter head is belt-driven by a high-efficiency electric motor of approximately 40 hp (30Kw). Positioning of the head is by hydraulic cylinder, and pressure is variable to adjust for various bark densities. Cutting depth is controlled by special depth control devices on the head. These devices result in smooth debarking without removal of the underlying wood fiber. The head is enclosed in a steel housing that pivots at the end of the tool arm. The pivoting function is locked by a hydraulic cylinder at both ends of the log to prevent “penciling.” The assembly is mounted in rubber mounts to control vibration.

Log Ejector

Constructed of structural steel and operated by hydraulic cylinders. The ejector is designed to allow the next log for processing to be kicked from the log deck at the same time the debarked log is ejected. The incoming log lands against the ejector arms and then drops onto the rotating wheels as the ejectors return. Logs cannot fall behind the ejectors.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system controls the tool arm position and pressure, head locking, and ejectors. Oil transport is by steel tubes fixed in shock-resistant mounting, with flexible tubing to valves and cylinders. A return filter with a bypass indicator is included.

Electrical System

The main voltage is appropriate to match local requirements. Control voltage is 24v DC. The main disconnect is included and mounted in the cabinet. Customers must bring power to our control cabinet.

Operators’ cab and ergonomic chair

We provide one 6’x8′ operators’ cabin with heat and air conditioning. Our electrical panel is located within this cabin. We also include an ergonomic operators’ chair with side panels and joystick controls for our debarker. The cabin has three sides of safety glass, and the interior is lined with sound-deadening material. There is one entry door with a safety glass window. There is one fluorescent lamp mounted overhead with a switch at the entry door. The cabin is shipped separately from the debarker to be mounted by the customer.

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