Engineering Services

3D Modeling

Butt Flare Reducer - engineering services for veneer, sawmills, and plywood industries. Offers top-notch veneer technology.

Let our engineering ability and 3D software help you design the perfect plant layout. Having a three-dimensional layout that everyone can understand aids in presenting important information to all team members. These models help everyone along the process understand more and allows them to bring relevant points to the discussion.

3D design prevents the conflicts that used to come from doing large projects in 2D. We can locate everything exactly and connect things with precision, even challenging items like piping with compound curve. Installations go faster because more install teams can work in parallel.

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Industrial Automation

“Veneer Services® is a company who is bringing new ideas to the table and is helping to preserve the future of our industry here in the United States.” — Robert Mathers, Thiesing Veneer

Bring us your challenges, and we will work with you to find solutions.

Veneer Services® is your expert partner in the development of industrial automation to reduce production costs and improve quality. We understand the unique requirements of veneer production and processing from our years of experience in the industry and the successful application of so many advanced solutions. Some of our highly automated services include:

  • Voice-activated veneer sorting line that reads the bar code of every bundle on the fly
  • RFID recognition
  • Camera-based veneer measurement and automatic bar code label application
  • Fully automated press return conveyors for veneer bundles
  • Fully automated veneer bundle conveyors for the clipping, slicing, drying, and splicing
  • Fully automated, one-button butt flare reducer
  • Simple units that send products where instructed by the operator
  • Camera-based measurement of log lengths, diameters, and sweep

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Machine Inspections, Valuations, and Appraisals

Veneer Services® is the go-to source for companies seeking valuations of veneer and panel machinery around the world. Our machine valuation services are respected by leading manufacturers, major shareholders, banks, finance groups, auction houses, and insurance companies because we monitor worldwide activity in the sector very closely and know current values better than anyone.

From single machines to complete factories, we can supply you an accurate and confidential report very quickly. Many of our reports are completely confidential and unknown to the company being evaluated.

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