Veneer Splicing Machine ‘A Workhorse’

Veneer Splicing Machine ‘A Workhorse’

“I haven’t really had any issues with it. It’s running like a champ.”

Those are the words of Joe Darter about his Veneer Services splicing machine, which he bought and had installed more than ten years ago at Central Iowa Architectural Veneer.

Veneer Splicer: Service Without Hiccups

Eleven years is a long time for something to go wrong with a veneer splicer, especially when it’s been running constantly 4 to 5 hours a day—the production time our splicer sees at CIA. But that’s how long the splicer has kept up with production without hiccup.

“It’s been a workhorse,” Joe said. “When it was first hooked up, there was a couple heating elements that didn’t work. But Dane Floyd, President of Veneer Services® changed things around, and all three of them kicked in. It splices well.

“I show it off quite often,” Joe said. “I have people who come who can’t get things to cut on other machines. I can bring in things you ‘can’t splice’ and splice it right in front of their eyes. It blows them away. Some people think it’s magic.”

Joe bought his LVS 5 Splicer because he wanted a longitudinal splicer without the bells and whistles. He also was looking for something without glue pots. What he bought didn’t disappoint.

The LVS 5 veneer splicing machine is capable of splicing veneer from 0.5mm to 1.2mm thick and 75mm to 1240mm wide. Features that set it apart include high-quality pneumatic controls that accurately control pressure on veneer, easy-to-access controls, and nonproprietary components for easy service. Infeed and outfeed tables are included.

Other Veneer Mill Equipment Keeps Going

The splicer isn’t the only thing Joe Darter has purchased from Veneer Services. Around the time he purchased the splicer, he bought an O.M.P.E.C. Double-Knife Guillotine.

“It’s my favorite toy in the world,” Joe said. “It cuts well.”

Good cuts are what Joe said are key to good splices. If veneer isn’t cut well, it won’t splice well, he said.

Besides the splicer and guillotine, Joe has purchased waste conveyors, a wood chipper, a hot-cold veneer press, a glue clamp, and a remanufactured half round veneer slicer from Veneer Services.

“Generally, anything Dane works on works well,” Joe said. “He’s a genius.”

That’s why he keeps coming back. Veneer Services offers better quality and damn-fine engineering that put our customers on repeat.