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Why Veneer Glue from Veneer Services®?

Since National Casein® stopped producing its Splyset 200 glue, veneer manufacturers have been scrambling to find a splicing glue supplier. In an already limited market, their choices just became that much scantier. Fortunately, Veneer Services® provides the best-performing and most adjustable glues on the market: our S-315 and UF-313 splicing glues.

Our glues provide the strongest, most consistent splice lines in the industry. Don’t believe us? Here’s what our customers have said:

“Quality is consistent.” — Jim Johnson, Plant Manager, Timber Products Company

“Consistent performance. No worries about glue.” — Joe Darter, General Manager, Luray Architectural Veneer

But don’t take our word for it. We provide free samples of our glue so you can see for yourself. We’ll even cover the shipping (domestic U.S. only).

Besides consistent performance, there’s another reason you should try us. While our competitors may understand splicing adhesives, we at Veneer Services® understand the entire process. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you with your entire splicing operation. We know the adhesives, the splicing machines, the processes, and the day to day challenges you face in your splicing operations.

The variety of those challenges is what makes our glue such an excellent choice and yet another reason to try our glue. Unlike other glues, which provide one-size-fits-all solutions, our glue is formulated to work with additives, which you can add to adjust our glue to your requirements. Glue curing too fast? Add R-12 Cure Retardant. Glue too dark? Add W-10 Whitener. No more do you have to adjust your processes to your glue or live with “close-enough” glue coloring. Go with the process that works for you, and adjust the glue to it. And produce veneer with the best-matching glue possible.

A final reason to give our glue a go is that it’s fresh. Our adhesives are made to order once a week and shipped directly to our customers. This helps eliminate the issue of glue going bad because it’s been stored too long. We encourage our customers to order smaller, monthly supplies to help minimize storage maximize freshness. Freight charges to North American customers are very reasonable.

What do you have to lose by ordering a free, 1-gallon sample? The process is easy, and there’s no payment information required. Try our glue.

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